wellbeing at work

support the development of one person’s wellbeing
and you support the development of a whole workplace

wellness at work

support the development of one person’s wellbeing
and you support the development of a whole workplace

 Wellbeing and Productivity walk hand in hand. We’ll help with the how…

What do we do?

Help workplaces become a happier, healthier,

more productive place to be.

We like to keep things simple. Three steps . . .


One. Discovery. We begin a conversation to explore your circumstances. We’ll introduce our approach and suggest what may best achieve your objectives. Then we plan together events tailored for you.

Two. Set up. We can organise everything; you’ll have one point of contact and access to our online systems and admin support. We can offer a workforce survey designed to identify needs and establish a Health & Wellbeing baseline against which we can measure progress.

Three. Delivery. We will deliver a high quality programmes with inspirational practitioners and effective content. On budget and on time. Afterwards everyone can access a bespoke online information page and give feedback on how we did.


Shape a design…

We’ll shape and develop a design tailored for you

Features might include…

Our work…

…is for

. . . those who already feel good about the way they are and would like to learn more about how to stay that way . . .

. . . and for those who’d like to improve their wellbeing and are looking to discover new ways to do so.

We focus together on nourishing healthy minds, healthy bodies,
healthy attitudes, healthy workplaces, healthy outcomes . .

. . . through Wellness at Work programmes that help people
enhance their mental fitness and wellbeing
as well as their physical fitness and wellbeing.

The benefits…

 for the individual…

a more productive and satisfying
career and more professional
progress and development.

 for the organisation…

individuals and teams becoming more
productive, more cohesive, more creative,
and more resilient.

What they say…

Here’s some very recent feedback from HR, LD and HS managers.

I sit through a lot of CPD and other training workshops. I am often very critical.
Nothing and no one has held my attention for 90 minutes as you just did. And it flew by…

Superb speaker. Well able to move from presenting to facilitating and conversing.

Made a complex subject readily accessible.

(Liked) the ways to explain the neuroscience behind reaction/behaviour/productivity.

Tools and techniques were excellent … linking it to the workplace.

Explanation of the mechanisms of people’s actions was enlightening.

Best presentation I have seen on this topic.

Building for the future?

Developing mental fitness is a big opportunity for improving productivity and resilience.

Our Wellness at Work Programmes build for the future on three solid foundations:

The Professionals
The Professionals
The CIPD, HSE, Mind, NHS, BPS all say the same thing:
Wellbeing is good for business.
Build long term programmes.
Managers in from the beginning.
Use evidence based content.
We’ll design and shape a programme for you. Whether contributing to an existing programme or creating a brand new one.
An HR Director said to us recently.
"We want something different,
a little quirky that will engage, and works."

The Research
The Research
A synthesis of the very modern and the very ancient.
The latest revelations of neuroscience & cognitive psychology. Ancient traditions passed down over thousands of years and still relevant today.

In an interview with the CIPD,
Professor Lord Richard Layard of the LSE
explains why well-being matters
– for individuals, organisations and society.

Investing in wellbeing can lead to greater resilience, innovation and productivity.

CIPD 2017

references for points made above:
2.“If your boss could do your job”
Research Article – Harvard Business Review
3. “Firms with happy employees go on to have better stock price growth in the future” . Research Article – Journal of Financial Economics

An environmental revolution?

We don’t just offer workshops, coaching and health & wellbeing days.

A new prescription?

Get outside…

Doctors in the NHS and professionals worldwide are prescribing nature and exercise rather than pills and potions.

We are linking with organisations that can offer our clients something different in their wellness programmes.

We evolved outside. We’re getting back to our roots.

Going outside

Prescribing Nature

A Canal and River Trust Volunteer opportunity

A Wildlife Trust Volunteer Day

let us help you achieve your goals…

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